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December 3, 2007   

Any moment now, the Silicon Alley Insider will announce it's much anticipated "Alley 100" list -- a list which will serve as the Who's Who of New York City technology for the next year.

Reader beware: the release will and has already caused a lot of buzz and controversy.

This is likely my last post on the matter until the list is released, and so it's my last opportunity to ask that you vote for the following people in the "People's Choice" list hosted on BricaBox.

The following people, in my mind, are way too far down on the People's Choice list, and should be higher up. Theses are the real movers and shakers of the Alley... much more so than many folks higher on the list, including myself (WTF?!), in some cases.

Go vote away:

Scott Heiferman -- His tech Meetup is the lifeblood of the ny tech community. He's my first choice for the list.

Fred Wilson -- Luckiest VC alive or the best this city has seen during the web revolution? Any way you cut it, he helps put NY tech VCs on the map.

Esther Dyson -- Make sure you check out the great bio David Rose posted on the list. As I posted here, she's still making waves.

David Rose -- Four words: New York City Angels.

Stephen Colbert -- I'm only including him because Caroline McCarthy wrote such a compelling argument on the site.

Jason Rapp -- One of the most influential at IAC, and probably the most influential when it comes to deciding which hot NY startup gets to join the ranks of Diller's acquired.

like Jakob Lodwick, who is a paltry 94 on the list as of this posting... but is also no longer a part of the IAC family.

Lastly, think about voting for the SAI Editor in Chief Henry Blodget himself, simply because he's both the only journalist who won't be considered for the SAI-edited list and because he's the only reason the list exists in the first place.

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