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May 6, 2014
Apple, Hardware, and the Cloud

On my commute this morning, I came across this Daring Fireball post taking issue with some comments Fred Wilson made about Apple's dominance as it relates to hardware and the cloud. Evidently, Fred argued that Apple is "too rooted in hardware" and that "hardware is a commodity" so in the next several years we'll see the fact that they've largely fumbled on the cloud come back and bite them. John Gruber's issue with Fred's call here is that while most of the hardware industry is a commodity, there will always be premium hardware product – product that push boundaries in the right ways – and that Apple's stronghold here is firm and relatively permanent, given the competition.

May 1, 2014
Long Live Twitter

A Eulogy for Twitter: Twitter used to be a sort of surrogate newsroom/barroom where you could organize around ideas with people whose opinions you wanted to assess. Maybe you wouldn't agree with everybody, but that was part of the fun. But at some point Twitter narratives started to look the same. The crowd became predictable, and not in a good way. Too much of Twitter was cruel and petty and fake.

April 14, 2014
Business of Coding Interview

When I first got started in tech, Gary Vaynerchuck was one of the first people to take me under his wing. At the 2008 SXSW conference, Gary introduced me to many of the finest people in tech that I still know today, one of them being Joe Stump. At the time, Joe was the Lead Architect of Digg, which in 2008 was one of the largest sites on the web.

April 2, 2014
Twitter's Card Problem: The Photo Upload Anti-Pattern

There is little doubt that "the card" will become a critical unit in the future of the World Wide Web. App developers and marketers alike are climbing over each other to update their campaigns and websites to live in a "card" world, while startups like Wildcard are building out the much needed plumbing to help people take advantage of this new design pattern and extend it beyond Twitter's walls. However, I see a major obstacle standing in the way of "

March 27, 2014
Storage Wars

I've posted again on Medium. This time about the huge price cuts Amazon and Google have introduced to their cloud storage businesses. This is big (awesome) news for companies like Picturelife and the people who use them.

March 26, 2014
On App Store Reviews

Getting reviews in the App Store is so important that I'd love to add one of those spammy pop-ups to Picturelife's iOS app. When you're fighting to succeed, it's understandable if you go for the most effective weapon, right? Well, we think it's wrong and so we're not doing it. Instead, we've come up with 7 ways to ask for App Store reviews that fit our idea of digital neighborliness.

March 11, 2014
The Hard Thing… About Business Books

It's 9:40pm on Monday night and I just put down Ben Horowitz's The Hard Thing About Hard Things. I bought it at 4:45pm on Saturday, and the last time I read a book front-cover to back-cover like that was several years ago. It was that good. It was so phenomenal, in fact, that I'm going to be buying a copy for each of my Red Bud CEOs and I'm going to encourage everyone on my team at Picturelife read it.

March 3, 2014
Multi-tasking on the iPad

Yesterday, I ran on my treadmill and listened to John Gruber's The Talk Show for the first time. I had never listened to the show before, but since we've started sponsoring John's blog, I thought I should give his podcast a go. (Also, I've just been listening to tech podcasts more. Hosting one has always been an "owning a cafe"-like dream for me). Anyway, he had Joanna Stern on last week and they spoke mostly about the limitations of tablets and especially multi-tasking on tablets.

February 28, 2014
Marketing at Picturelife

We've spent 3 years building a product people love and now it's time to scale our marketing. If you have a deep relationship with the photos you and your family take, can bring a lot to the table marketing wise, and want to make a big difference in a growing company, consider working with us.

January 23, 2014
New post… on Medium

Twitter killed this blog. Let's face it. If you've been reading me since 2006 (when I coined the 'innonate' moniker and bought this domain) you know I had a great few years of prolific posting. Then, in 2008, I slowly stopped writing at all. It wasn't just me, of course. Google Reader used to be a thing back then. I used to check my Technorati score and see who visited me on my MyBlogLog.