Playing with logos / by Nate Westheimer

I've been playing with some different ideas for Scoutsider's logo. This is one of them. I want to make something that conveys Scoutsider's themes (information, New York, fun), as well something that can be transferable to Scoutsider's other (possible) brands or cities. For this one I started with the idea that I would only mess around with the "Scout" part of the word, allowing "ScoutStream," for instance, to work under these parameters. As for the apple, I really just put it in because it was in the Illustrator library and was therefore on hand. Also, I think people associate New York with apples for some obvious reasons, so it worked as a starting point.Anyway, it's something I'll be playing for over the next few weeks leading up to our official launch. I think Evan would like it "less Web 2.0" for Scoutsider, which I'm down with, so don't be surprised if the final version loses any resemblance to this.