Ohours Update | Ohours at SXSW

March 4, 2011   

I wanted to write a quick update about how Ohours has been going and about my plans for SXSW, since many of its users and my readers will be attending the conference. In terms of SXSW, check out this page on Ohours. There, thanks to my friends at AOL, I've listed a few places that will be super easy to host your Ohours sessions. You can also find a list of everyone hosting Ohours during the conference.

More generally speaking, here are a few stats from the first (almost) two months of Ohours' existence.

  • Registered Users: 890
  • Percent of RUs Who Have Hosted Ohours: 45%
  • Total Number of Ohours Openings: 424
  • Resulting in Number of Appointments: 574
  • Time Spent Face-to-Face: 11,480 minutes

The best news: I'm not the most active user on the site, but remain a very active user. Before I built Ohours, I loved hosting my office hours. Now, the meetings are even more high quality and serendipitous. Moreover, attending Ohours has become a passion of mine, and a place to find even more serendipity. Yesterday I went to Adam Schwartz' Ohours and met Nick Pinkston of CloudFab.com. Cool dude with a awesome company I would not have met otherwise.

Anyway, hope you're having as much fun with the platform as I am. If you haven't hosted Open Hours yet, please considering opening some time in your busy schedule and give it try.

Lastly, THANK YOU so much to all the early users of the system who are giving such WONDERFUL feedback. I'm bursting with pride because of how you're using the platform and changing people's lives. Keep the feedback coming.

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