Office Hours for All of Us -

December 8, 2010   

For the past two years, I've been hosting Office Hours in order to meet as many people as possible in the NY Tech community. (You can read my post announcing my first Office Hours here.) It's been an incredible experience and of the 100+ people I met in the process, I don't regret a single meeting. Office Hours have provided me more than just a better way to manage my schedule -- it's also increased the serendipity of my own life.

Speaking of my life, if you've been wondering what I've been up to since leaving AnyClip, I've been teaching myself how to code (I'll be writing a lot about this in the coming weeks and months).

So, it brings me great pleasure to have released my first app today:

Please excuse the bad design and probable errors here and there. I spent the last two weeks building the site and will be pushing out updates to it on a daily basis (already have pushed out three updates today).

As for the platform itself, I built Ohours out of a personal need for a better way to manage Office Hours. I also built Ohours for all of my friends and colleagues whom have told me they would host Office Hours if there was only an easier way to do it.

So please check it out, consider hosting or attending Office Hours and let me know what you think. Like I said, I intentionally released this as soon as I could. So much is rough around the edges but any and all feedback I will take seriously!

PS: I want to thank two people, specifically, on this occasion. The first is Kyle, who has been indispensable in my education as a hacker. Both he and his community at Forrst have been great teachers. The second is Vin Vacanti (who's been CRUSHING IT on his blog recently). I've been talking about building this app for a long time, and I didn't start until Vinny and I got coffee a few weeks ago and he kicked my ass about it. Perhaps it was just great timing, but I think I finally dove in on this because Vinny also used to be a non-coding product executive and taught himself how to code.

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