Friday: Office Hours with David Aronoff

August 18, 2010   

Most of my regular readers know that I'm a big fan of devoting a regular, set-time to meet new people. For those of us running companies and balancing our personal lives and hobbies/interests, we (I) get in a mode of pushing off meetings with people who aren't directly related to the companies we're operating. In the end, that's a bad thing. That's why I do Office Hours. Every week, I keep an hour of my time open to meet new people and when people email me and want to meet up, I try to religiously ask them to sign up for those time-slots so I'm getting something done.

This brings me to David.

David Aronoff is a friend and colleague of mine up at Flybridge Capital Partners. He's one of the founding partners there and a really great, smart guy. You can read his blog here.

Anyway, David is in NYC for a few days, and on Friday (August 20th) he setting aside 10am to 12pm to meet new people in an Office Hours fashion. He also has the perfect location: The Incubator at Rose Tech Ventures!

So if you're interested in sitting down with David for 20 minutes to introduce yourself (and presumably, but not necessarily, your company), head to this post where he has his contact info and reach out.

I hope you enjoy hanging out with David as much as I do!

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