Movie Nights Everywhere -- Getting People Who Love Movies... Offline

June 28, 2010   

I love movies (that shouldn't surprise you). I also love being online (that really shouldn't surprise you). And of course, I totally 100% love movies online (I send hundreds of bucks a year to iTunes and Netflix). However, I also really love the offline world more than the online world -- no kidding!

This is why I'm proud to announce AnyClip's "Movie Night" initiative. It's time for people to get offline watching movies with each other and make "Movie Nights" with your friends, or wider community, in again.

I first came up with the idea of doing AnyClip Movie Nights when announced their amazing new Meetup Everywhere platform. With Meetup Everywhere, I can make a page (like our Movie Night page here), and anyone in the world can become an Organizer of a local movie night.

So, if you're interested in hosting a movie night, please go plan one! I'm super excited to see that our friends down at Indy Hall in Philadelphia are already pulling one together, and if you're in San Jose, Anita is looking for more people to join her.

What more, if you're hosting a movie night and you have 10 or more coming over, let us know... and AnyClip will provide the popcorn!

So go have at it! Plan a Movie Night!

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