Just 100%, totally stoked about NYC right now

June 8, 2010   

Seriously folks, how can you not be totally stoked about what's going on in NYC right now? Yesterday, I ended up at three awesome Internet Week events. Each had a unique and interesting crowd. Everyone had this great vibe going, where they were excited to be there, excited for NYC, but just itching to get back to their desks to make their startups awesomer.

That is what's getting me excited about NYC tech is getting these days. Despite all the attention and hype it and its companies are getting, people are totally focused on creating real value and building great companies. And while I think this week's celebration of the City's Internet industry is definitely appreciated by everyone who participates in it, there's almost a healthy and collective "ugg" that I've heard from most startup people I know.

"When can I get back to work?" they ask. That's the spirit! Seriously!

So I look forward to seeing many of you throughout the week this week. I'll of course be at the NY Tech Meetup tonight (it's our largest ever, with 860 in attendance, and Internet Week's largest public event). Later on, I'll be attending the Webutante Ball, which is a fundraiser for City Harvest.

If you have any tips on great events for me to attend, please let me know in the comments.


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