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March 19, 2010   

Play Faster! from Reefer Madness

Freaky clip, right? Well, we launched AnyClip this week at SXSW and things around the AnyClip offices couldn’t have been much crazier!

How does the story go? You know it: Nearly a year ago, I started working on a AnyClip with Aaron Cohen, accompanied by a global team of talented movie enthusiasts, to “index the world’s films so people can search for and find any moment from any film ever made.”

Six months ago, we unveiled our prototype at TechCrunch 50, and won the Audience Choice and runners-up awards.

On Monday, we launched the first public version of the service. You can now start reliving and sharing movie moment experiences the way you remember them.

While there are a good number of bugs, UI issues, and even flaws in the data, we’re very proud of this first version. In the version, you can search through the dialogue of over 2,000 films – everything from The Hangover to The Big Lebowski to Stripes and Casablanca – and deep search through over 700 of those films for everything from Wardrobe to Setting, from Relationships to Vehicles.

To show you the power of these searches, head to AnyClip and search for your favorite moment. Perhaps it’s the Always Be Closing moment from Glengarry Glen Ross, or the Katz’s deli orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally. Shoot, maybe you click on the Moan tag from that moment and stumble upon other moments from everything Apocalypse Now to Private Parts where someone happens to be moaning.

There’s so much to go into here and I don’t have the time right now. However, I couldn’t let the week go by without telling you, my dear reader, that AnyClip is now live… and that it would tickle me to death to have you check it out and let me know what you think!

PS: The moment embedded above is from Reefer Madness, one of the 30+ films we have video content for right now. Our hope, obviously, is to have more video content going forward to accompany the dialogue and tags we have now.

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