AnyClip UX: Short Term Gig, But a Load of Fun

December 29, 2009   

Over at AnyClip, we're planning for our 2010 launch and merging the technology we've been developing with some incredibly fun and innovative ideas for our product. The biggest shortcoming in our process, we believe, is that we lack a coherent User Experience process to filter and mold these concepts to -- and for that, we'd like some help.

As with most people, we have a bit of a time contraint. Starting at the end of next week, we have a three week period where we can really make a difference in what we develop over the next few months (a new, major, sprint starts then) and so, we're looking for someone who can start working with us in our New York office as soon as the end of next week, and continue working with us for at least three weeks, and potentially longer.

To break it down, we're looking for:

  • NY-based UX expert to help bake UX into our development process
  • Help us define the next iteration of
  • Strong Emphasis on identifying scenarios
  • Start working with us by January 5th
  • Work half- or full-time for 3 weeks, potentially longer

To inquire, please contact me and include links to your LinkedIn, resume, portfolio, or any other valuable material.


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