NY Tech Companies are Hiring

December 23, 2009   

This morning I got yet another email from a local entrepreneur looking to add someone to their team. Despite global and National economic conditions, its clear that NY tech companies are hiring. Below are a few of the jobs I've heard about. If something sounds interesting to you, contact me and I'll be pleased to put you in touch with the right people.

  • Drop.io is hiring designers, developers, hackers and business people to work on one of the coolest projects in NYC
  • GetGlue.com is hiring a Product Manager
  • Meetup.com is hiring developers and community people
  • A very cool publishing startup I know of is looking for an MBA to help with modeling
  • World Science Foundation will be looking for a web strategist / product manager (I'm helping
  • A slew of hiring going on at the NY Tech Meetup Jobs Board

I know there are more folks hiring out there. Feel free to link to any job descriptions in my comments.

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