It's time to Crush It!

October 13, 2009   

Crush ItToday, one of my dearest friends and greatest teachers, Gary Vaynerchuk, releases his book, "Crush It!" Please consider buying the book now.

I'm sure 75% of you already have heard of Gary, but if you haven't, here's all you need to know: Gary is living proof that with Hustle, Humility, Authenticity, Patience and Luck, you can really go far -- no Silver Spoon required.

His story is inspiring and, because of his journey from a hole in the wall liquor store to becoming the largest wine retailer in the country, he's one of the wisest entrepreneurs I know.

One of the greatest lessons I learned from Gary was the requirement that one lives and works his or her life's passion, if he or she wants to "Crush It!" in business.

In 2008, at a tech conference in Chicago, Gary keynoted and called me out in front of hundreds of fellow technologists saying, "I know my friend Nate Westheimer is not living his passion right now and it kills me." He was right. That was when BricaBox was on its last legs, and he was a big part of helping me know it was time to let go and move on -- one of the most important career moves of my life. (I subsequently got to work with David S. Rose and founded AnyClip with Aaron Cohen).

"Living your passion" is one of the chapters in Crush It!, and I'm very proud to speak more about this in a video series about the book that's coming out soon.

So again, please check out the book and support my dear friend and a friend to all people working their tails off to "Crush It!" in this world. If you're not convinced yet, listen to this awesome NPR interview with Gary that my dad heard, loved and sent to me.

I am happiest when my friends and loved-ones are doing amazing things, and today's release of Crush It! makes me a very, very happy man.

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