The SaaS We Use

July 2, 2009   

Here at AnyClip, we have an international team working a million miles an hour. To support this environment, we’ve been relying on and testing out a variety of hosted apps which help our team collaborate more efficiently and let us focus on maintaining only the technology we’re building. Stuff we use daily:

  • Google Apps: Gmail (for all company email and built-in video chat)
  • Google Apps: Docs (for simple, collaborative modeling of traffic, stats, etc)
  • Google Apps: Sites (for API documentation and feature specs)
  • Basecamp (for task management and communication around implementation)
  • Beanstalk (for Subversion)
  • Lighthouse (for bug tracking)

Apps we’re playing around with:

  • ooVoo (Google’s video chat is great for 1-to-1 communication, but I love having multiple people on video chat, but not huddled around the same webcam. ooVoo let’s us stay at our desks and all take part in a larger conversation).
  • Procaster by Livestream (We’ve started using Livestream for usability testing. With their Procaster tool, you can stream both a webcam and screencast of what the user is doing. This allows you to watch the user and their movements around you application. It’s not what Livestream intended, but we love it.)

So that’s the stack of online tools we use. Right now it runs us under $100 a month for everthing listed, which is pretty amazing when you think about everything we don’t have to worry about.

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