To Nate or to innonate

June 12, 2009   

At midnight tonight, Facebook users around the will have an opportunity to choose a "screenname" -- just like folks do on MySpace, Twitter, and most every other social network. This leaves me up with an interesting decision (albeit not very important, in the bigger picture): Do I go ahead and (rather easily) register "innonate" -- which is my current moniker throughout the web, or do I -- like my friend Factory Joy / Chris Messina -- start embracing my real name as my online identity and try to register Nate, Nathan or (more easily) NateWestheimer?

So, nothing life changing here, I know. But I wonder what your thoughts are. So far, when I've asked on Twitter and Facebook folks seem to think staying with 'innonate' is just fine -- that there's still somethere there for me. Perhaps they're right.

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