Today! Socially Speaking 4pm EST "Social Media in an Offline World"

March 3, 2009   

Socially SpeakingToday at 4pm EST, join me on Sun's Socially Speaking BlogTalkRadio show hosted by Sumaya Kazi. Show link here.

On the show, we'll be talking about "Social Media in an Offline World," drawing on my experiences in the New York tech community.

For instance, I'm going to mention how at my first nextNY event I remember someone, as we were introduced, saying "You're 'innonate,' right?" That really drove home the value of an online personal brand, even in the offline world.

Anyway, I'd love to include your insights, thoughts, and anecdotes about how the two intersect, so leave a comment here and please listen in and call in to the show today at 4pm.

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