Reasons to LOVE New York (startup edition)

December 22, 2008   

As with most people, print media takes up less and less of my life. Over the years, I’ve let my subscriptions to TIME, The Economist, and The Wall Street Journal go un-renewed. However, since living in New York City, one publication has been the anthem for my love for New York: New York Magazine.

This year, however, I’ve even been a bit delinquent in renewing, and so I recently received an offer to give away a free subscription when I renew. I was probably going to renew anyway, but I figured this would be a great opportunity to share something I love. (Note to subscription departments, this tactic works.)

So, this morning, in honor of last week’s “Reasons to Love New York (especially right now)” issue, I asked a simple question on Twitter:

I have 1 free NY Mag sub to give away. @ me why NYC is the best place to do tech startup.

The winning submission is from Matt Trush (@lfstyl) of NY startup Convos:

@innonate NYC constantly reminds you that you don’t know everything, yet surrounds you with opportunity to experience anything

I loved every submission (especially Kortina’s about NYC’s women), but Matt’s words rang very true to me, and reminds me that learning is an important element of success. In fact, Matt’s words mirrored closely the words I ended my Commcencement Address with: “Know what you don’t know, and use the resource of ignorance.”

In a lot of ways, Matt’s submission is also a good fit with Mark’s citation of Frank Sinatra, “If you can make it here you can make it anywhere.”

Those quotes combine to great a perfect guide for succeeding in New York:

Be hungry enough to make it to the very top, but also be constantly humbled by the awesomeness of the world around you.

Anyway, with this as your guide, New York has a lot to offer.

By the way, read below for all the submissions. There are some great ones:

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