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November 20, 2008   

Do you follow me on Twitter? Is my Tumblr on your dashboard? Long ago, the number of people following me on Twitter surpassed the number of people who subscribe to my blog. I love Twitter and find my work and social life are measurably better for it, but -- shh, don't tell the Twitterers! -- I still appreciate my blog subscribers most of all, and think of good blogging as the highest social media art.

However, one thing you'll notice, if you've been reading my blog over time, is that I no longer add my Delicious links to this space, as I "Tweet" them out as I see them; and even more recently, my short quips of a post -- short videos, quotes, clips, and photos -- have all but disappeared. Those quips, have found their way to my Tumblr.

These days, my blog is for the pure stuff: thesis posts, essays, and slightly-more-than-half-baked thoughts. I call it the "highbrow/brilliant" (NY Magazine reference) quadrant of innonate (my name, online). It's nice, because I feel like my blog represents me well. It's who I like to say I am.

But if you want to keep track of what I'm seeing, and liking, and thinking about on a day to day basis, my blog is no longer where to find me. Those aspects of me... the cotidian, and even "lowbrow/dispicable" (another NY Mag reference) side of me are to be found on my Twitter and Tumblr streams.

So, first of all, THANK YOU for being a reader on this blog. I hope to turn it up a notch on my postings in the coming days, weeks, and months.

Second of all, please follow me on Twitter (click here) and Tumblr (click here) to see what Nate's like on an every day basis.

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