Web 2.0 Week -- What to do

September 16, 2008   

This week is a BIG week in Silicon Alley. As I was quoted as saying in Crain's New York, “It’s like Internet Week part two, but this time around there is a ground zero for everything to take place in.” While last night kicked everything off with Ignite, there's still MUCH more to see. Here's what's on my radar (add other events below in the comments!):

I'm most excited about Web2Open, of course. It starts tomorrow and goes through Thursday, but today is the last day to register for free. Check out more info here.

Tonight there's the @ShakeShack event, which is 100% no-questions-not-even-Nate-can-help sold out. So across the street, check out the event at Live Bait.

Following that there's the Girls in Tech Event. That's also at capacity but much more likely to open up, if you want to swing by and check it out (it's close to the Shake Shack and Live Bait, so worth finding out).

Also going on tonight, is the super-hot Tech Set party, which I'll also be going to.

Wednesday night I don't know what's going on, so please fill me in down in the comments section.

Thursday is the Wine 2.0 event at Webster Hall. This is the CAN'T MISS event of the week. My hermano Gary Vaynerchuk will be doing a LIVE taping of Wine Library TV from the stage. It's going to be HOT!

Friday I think the Fashion 2.0 folks are throwing a party, so definitely keep your ears open for that.

Otherwise, I know I missed something so please fill the comments section up with other party info, or check out Gary's Guide with a better list of what's happening!

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