Ignite NYC II - Next Monday

September 10, 2008   

There’s a lot to be excited about next week. Web 2.0 Expo, Web2Open, the @ShakeShack/nextNY party… the list goes on and on. I’m especially excited for Ignite NYC II, being held on Monday at the New World Stages (where the NYC TV & Film Festival is held) from 7:15 - 11:30pm.

Two months ago, Brady Forrest came to town and hosted the first ever Ignite in NYC, along side Ignite-cofounder and hacker extraordinare Bre Pettis. The event was famously covered in this New York Times article by Allen Salkin.

For Ignite NYC II, there’s a whole new line up of amazing talks and talkers (and somehow I got drafted for my second appearance). See this list of exciting topics:

  • Krikorian Raffi - holmz : open database for energy consumption
  • Deb Schultz - Alley vs Valley
  • Jennifer Pahlka - Technology Anxiety: Jello and Web 3.0
  • Sam Lessin - A very brief history of privacy in our data-deluged world
  • Nichelle Stephens - Cupcakes: The iPhone of Desserts
  • Don Carli - The Carbon Footprint of Banner Ads, Emails and Websites and why you should care
  • Nate Westheimer - Magic at the Democratic National Convention
  • Andrew Schneider - Experimental Devices for Performance
  • Audacia Ray - Porn as a front runner in technology innovations… With a twist

Because of how monumental next week will be, and because of the venue and because of this great speakers list, Ignite NYC II is going to be 110% off the hook!

RSVP now on Facebook or Upcoming.

See you there!

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