September 5, 2008   

As the race for the White House heats up, so is my desire to write about it.

While I'll use this blog to expose my political views from time to time, I don't want to send a deluge of political insights and analysis into your RSS reader. Chances are, you read my blog for the tech business stuff.

Anyway, I've decided to start blogging most of my day-to-day insights over at

WTFpolitics gets its name because most of my friends don't really follow the ins and outs of the campaign. But I do -- I care deeply about what's going on, and I like helping people understand WTF is happening. It's important.

So, WTFpolitics is a blog... it's also a TV show. At times, when there's breaking news or other major events in the campaign, I hope to get on WTFpoliticsTV and give my 2 cents, as well as be a resource for folks who have questions.

When I do go on the air, I'll certainly let people know via my Twitter and WTFpolitics' Twitter accounts. (which reminds me, I'll be Twittering political stuff at @WTFpolitics as well, as to not pump so much through my personal Twitter.)

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