American Centurion

August 25, 2008   

You may remember when my friend Josh Sugarman (and his organization put out the short film "Blue Balled" a few months ago, and got it picked up on ABCNews, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, and The Huffington Post. It was a funny, effective (if kinda inappropriate) political message that hit McCain, well, below the belt.

Good thing we all evolve ;-)

Today, the guys are releasing a truly powerful film called American Centurion which offers a breathtaking and stark assessment of how the war in Iraq will effect America for the next hundred years. The film, which is embargoed until Monday (so please do not blog until then), shows a bloodied soldier in Iraq, in the year 2108. The soldier then has an encounter with a young Japanese girl who has teleported from her history class to ask the soldier "Why are you here?"

The lesson is clear: sending $10B a month to Iraq for the next 100 years will keep America from advancing itself, and will only fan the flames on our burning pedestal of international leadership.

Powerful stuff.

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