Personality of an Entrepreneur

July 10, 2008   

A few days ago, Path 101 announced the alpha of their site. Congrats, fellas! One of the first features out of the bag is their free personality test section.

Now, this is no ordinary personality test... this is a career-oriented personality test. So, as a newly minted "Entrepreneur in Residence" I was curious to see what what kind of personality I had. Here are my results compared with someone in Law:

So, for all you folks asking me "how to be an entrepreneur," take one heap of "confidence" (you'll need this to beat the odds), a bucket of "love of thinking," a hearty scoop of "extrovertedness" (get the kind mixed with "openness"), and top it off with "idealism."

Of course it helps to be "agreeable," "empathetic" and to be a "relativist," so put those things in there if you can.

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