June 27, 2008   

Talk about ideas which came too early and WebTV (now MSN) might be the textbook example. Maybe one day we'll say BricaBox was that too ;-P

Anyway, I've written a lot about the AppleTV, and pointed out how I see it as something of The Future in media, advertising and entertainment.

Well, today, more evidence of this inevitability comes to us via The Google: they announced the Google Media Server.

Next to Apple, perhaps no one is more poised to bring web content into the living room in the uber-important lean-back setting than Google: they have the content, they understand the "discovery" aspects of thing pretty well (vast understatement) and, well, they're damn good at most things they try to do.

Look for the Media Server to be a force.

Lastly, I'll point you to this great post from Brian Litvack: The Interent Will Be Televised. Brian's experience and insight in spot on in terms of how folks are discovering that the mix between the web and the livingroom has finally found its time.

Steve Perlman, now we can say you were right all along.

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