AJ Vaynerchuk is the best Monopoly player ever

June 3, 2008   

This post was the losing end of a bet. This year, my Memorial Day was spent playing a full 3 games of Monopoly, 2 games of Scrabble, and 1 game of Balderdash.

My friend AJ won every single game by a landslide... even with the odds against him, playing against 6 other players in each game.

In turn, I am giving credit where credit is due, and declaring AJ Vaynerchuk the Master of Monopoly.

If you think you have Monopoly skillz, you don't. AJ does.

If you think you know how to make a deal, you don't. AJ does.

If you think you were born for Go collecting $200, you weren't. AJ was.

If you think you can beat AJ, you can't. Only AJ can beat AJ.

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