GaryVee-Day - The Definitive Guide

May 13, 2008   

Today is GaryVee-Day – the day his book officially comes out. This post is to be your guide to news, media and events surrounding his book’s release. Events:

Last night, we celebrated the book release along with Gary’s appearance on Conan, at bounce. Here’s the Conan footage and a video from the event.
Today he signs his book at 7pm at the Borders Park Ave and 57th St

Tonight he on Mad Money with the GaryVee of stocks, Jim Cramer

Important Links:

The Media:

  • Last week, Gary was on the Donny Deutsch show and killed it.
  • There was this great feature in the NY Observer last week.
  • Official video from Conan will be up here, eventually
  • NYTimes Bottoms Up blog ran this story today
  • He arrived dressed nattily in jeans and an untucked dress shirt. (I was wearing a navy Dolce suit, so I assumed it was Vaynerchuk’s denim that was drawing stares from the tuxedo-clad staff.) Next, the sommelier came over, unsolicited, with two glasses of vintage Dom Pérignon. He beamed at Vaynerchuk, shook his hand and complimented him on the show. “I like the way you use the language,” he said.

    The joke was on me. Vaynerchuk didn’t have a meltdown at Adour; he had status.

  • Jeff Jarvis wrote this article in The Guardian

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