Has the Internet Changed in 10 years? Yes. But you haven't.

April 17, 2008   

Old ComputerPhoto Credit: Scott Gould

Brian Litvak, Biz Dev & Marketing guru at Sportsvite, wrote an interesting post the other day, basically claiming that the biggest lessons from the Internet were taught and learned a decade ago, when he entered college. Taught to and learned by him, that is.

Here's his take:

If we could turn back the clock to the fall of 99 and ask the younger, skinnier, less burnt out Littyhoops about his thoughts on these services I would have told you

1) I will never pay for music ever again because it’s already free 2) I’ll always use the internet to “chat” with friends and stay connected to them

My point here is that these trends were super obvious to me back then. Yet, eight years later we still have music executive at the major labels fighting to turn back the clock... Meanwhile, online chat has become both ubiquitous and a commodity (how AOL managed NOT to take over the digital world with this is beyond me) but it still doesn’t seem to get the love and attention it deserves.

So if the biggest truths haven't changed in 10 years for Brian, how does he stay on top of his game? He looks to current college students -- like his sister -- to see what the latest trends will be.

Question: As you get older and your "truths" have longer half-lives, how do you stay fresh with trends?

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