How many how-to sites do we need? Many.

April 11, 2008   

Joe Weisenthal reported yesterday that IAC is launching a new how-to video site called Life333. One of the first questions he and others ask is, "Do we really need another how-to video site?"

My take is: yes... a few thousands more.

Part of our bet with BricaBox is that folks will want to create thousands of how-to sites, with various combinations of video, wikis, photos, etc, around verticals like "ways to tie your shoe" or "best yo-yo tricks."

Of course our bet goes far beyond how-to video sites and wrapped around the larger concept of social content sites, where we think there will be tens of thousands of sites popping up over the next five years... though not necessarily coming form Barry Diller.

We see them coming from you.

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