NYC's Thrillist launches Chicago newsletter

March 6, 2008   

Today, New York-based Thrillist, the producers of wildly popular daily email tips aimed at men (women have Daily Candy), launched their service in Chicago, extending their brand from it's New York origins and more recent additions of LA and San Francisco.

Keeping with their usual tone, the announcement came with a bit of humor:

Today, two monumentally exciting things happen: Alan Greenspan turns 82, and We Launch Thrillist Chicago.

Thrillist, led by Ben Leher (#86 on the Silicon Alley 100), has built itself into one of the most successful email newsletter companies in the business, reaching tens of thousands of subscribers in each of its markets on a daily basis.

What's next for Thrillist is unknown, except that they will continue to push hard for growth. Despite just launching in a new market, the company is already asking website visitors to vote for the next city, and among the choices are Boston, Philly, Seattle, Miami, Dallas, DC, Atlanta, or London -- all cities we could end up seeing new Thrillists in the coming months.

You can sign-up for the Chicago list (or forward it on to your Chicago friends) here.

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