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March 4, 2008   

As I mentioned in my interview on Darren Herman's blog today, we look up to David Karp and what's going on at Tumblr a whole lot. In fact, I know that David, Kyle, and Marco are pretty good friends (when I'm out of the office you can occasionally find Kyle hanging out at their office) because they (and I) share a lot of the same values about creativity, openness, friendliness, and community. Anyway, it really pleased me to see that the love was reciprocal. Last Tuesday, we launched the new BricaBox platform, which included a button that said "Create a Site Like this."

Picture 7-3

By the end of the week, you could head to a Tumblr powered site and see the same button and same words. Check out Kyle's site to see what I mean. Awesome. Picture 6-2

Since we're both trying the same thing now, I really look forward to comparing stats regarding the effectiveness of this button.

For us, we're banking on it being big and it's a large part of our consumer strategy. In fact, I bet this button is more important for us than for Tumblr (because the sites we power are so very different and heading to to create a site can be confusing because you didn't know there were different types of sites you could make and you don't want to try starting from scratch).

Anyway, I thought it was funny to see a feature about cloning cloned, and like I said, I look forward to swapping war stories about this button!

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