1 week

March 3, 2008   

Today is the 7th day BricaBox has been live (we launched last Tuesday). To commemorate this birthday, we have nothing less than major release ready for folks to play with. Read about the release on the BricaBox Blog (biggest news: BricaBox now has date/time support in entry templates, paving the way for community calendars powered by us).

Otherwise, launch was fantastic. We've served over 75,000 page views and had thousands of people register for the site and play around with the platform.

Best of all, we've gotten fantastic feedback. FANTASTIC! Some of this feedback is UI related (we now have an "add entry" button on every page, even if you're not logged in).

Most of the feedback has been to have better support resources, so we'll be building out http://help.bricabox.com/ more and more as the days go on (we're also looking for community generated tips and support, so it's a fully open BricaBox).

Thanks for the support from everyone so far. It's been amazing. More announcements coming soon.

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