NuConomy will change analytics

February 14, 2008   

I had the pleasure of sitting down recently with the CEO of a hot new analytics startup called NuConomy (Shahar Nechmad was in New York City after his investment from WPP was announced).

For users of Google Analytics, the best way to understand what NuConomy is doing is: "Goals on Crack" -- in that they do a revolutionary job at tracking and analyzing various metrics you get to define. Where NuConomy shines through, however, is in how easy it is to implement these tracking point and then run metrics against each other. So, by "Goals on Crack" I really mean: multidimensional and meaningful. The kind of analytics you can grow your company with.

We're going to be participating in their beta and launching with a basic integration of NuConomy; then we'll likely ramp up to take advantage of their entire toolset. Farther along, we'll be able to provide NuConomy's analytics to our premium users.

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