Where do I vote?

February 5, 2008   

When it comes down to it, knowing where to vote is one of the biggest hurdles to voting. As soon as you find out that your voting location is right across the street, you have no excuse. 15 minutes (and an affidavid, if you're not registered) later, you've just voted. So how can we help people find their voting place?

Yesterday, I cooked up a little site to find your polling location called Where.DoIvote.com.

It's super simple (all it does is ask you for your State's name and then run a Google search for polling location websites in that state), but it really does what it set out to do: help you with the initiative to vote (with only an evening of work).

So check out where.doivote.com and thanks to Alex Lines for some html advice as I did it.

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