Metrics to Measure your Startup Success

January 25, 2008   

We’re in the process of putting together a series of metrics to judge BricaBox’s success over the coming (post launch) month. After reading a lot, it’s clear that each startup should go by its own standards. However, there are quite a few measurements each startup should look in some fashion, like:

  1. Bounce rate (this info comes straight from your Google Analytics, and is mostly an indication of your design).
  2. Sign-up conversion
  3. Active user ratio (your stats will tell you about returning visitors, but what about returning users? This should be considerably higher, because your users should benefit from being users, not just visitors.)
  4. SEO (pages / search engine reference)

There are many more – this is only a start, coming off the top of my head. Check out this great presentation by Dave McClure to see some great ones.

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