Looking for an eJob in NYC? SAI now has a job board

January 9, 2008   

Just announced: It seems that the Silicon Alley Insider has opened a job board for digital jobs in New York City.

Long term readers of this blog will remember that classifieds were one of the 3 ways I thought SAI could monetize, so I'm pleased to see this happen if only to think they took my advice (not that it was an earth shattering observation then or now).

Classifieds are a great business (occasional-SAI-contributor Alan Mutter puts it at a $44 billion/year for newspapers) and I think this is a smart move on SAI's part, if only to see how much they can diversify their revenue.

I do wonder -- here's the personal anecdote test -- if I had to leave BricaBox right now and "get a real job," where would I'd start to look for something in New York, something high quality (management), and in the startup, tech, or digital media space?

Perhaps I could check out TheLadders (also invested in by SAI co-founder/investor Kevin Ryan) or an industry job board or two, but those aren't NY centric? CenterNetworks has a job board which is mostly NYC-centric, but it also has a lot of jobs for other cities too.

What's clear is that being The Spot for New York Tech Jobs is a position which hasn't been won outright by anyone yet, and that job seekers, job posters, and SAI alike would benefit greatly from having this all consolidated with them.

Hopefully I won't be looking for a new job any time soon, but if I do, I'll certainly report back as to where I found it in the end. For now, here's a question:

Where did you find your web startup, tech or new media job?

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