Blog of the Day: Keeping Nickels

December 10, 2007   

Awesome new blog of the day...

Keeping Nickels.

It's a blog about small business finance and it's written by Nichelle, a small business accountant/bookkeeper for hire.

Now, if you're wondering why that name sounds so familiar, it's because Nichelle is famous for her cupcake blog and her cupcake meetup.

Anyway, ordinarily startups have to hire boring professional service providers, but Nichelle is someone who talks the talk of the web startup scene and walks the walk. She also parties the parties, and Nichelle might be the first accountant you ask for link-love from.

Your lawyer is already jealous.

Anyway, I'm sure BricaBox will need some help with its books sometime. For now, I'm subscribing to her blog.

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