Updates on BricaBox

November 26, 2007   

I'm really hearting the new updates Kyle pushed out on BricaBox this morning. He's been working on a number of the features over the past few weeks -- all of them features requested by our publishers and prospective publishers. His post about the release is here. You can Digg the post here (and by "you can" I mean, "please do")

The most important part of the update was a new feature called "multiple content types," or "multi-content," for short.

Multi-content allows you to have 1 site with various types of content, meaning a directory of places (with addresses) along with a directory of people (with URLs). It also allows you to have different sets of "blocks and layouts" for each content type, while controlling those layouts all from one screen.

Anyway, check out the rest of the post on the BricaBox Blog, and give Kyle some props by hitting up that Digg link above.

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