I Write Code, continued...

November 23, 2007   

After my interview in nextNYers came out on Monday, I posted an "interview" with my pal and partner, BricaBox CTO Kyle Bragger.

In the "PS" of the post, I said,

I really do think we need to feature the "I write code" guys more. I know it's "my job" to be a front man, but I think Kyle would do just as good job in the limelight.

Fraser, of also-NY-based AdaptiveBlue, posted on their company blog a great follow-up post, and added to my point by saying,

I feel that you’re missing out by not getting to know [AdaptiveBlue engineers] Karen and Jeff.

Indeed! One part of it is the satisfaction folks get from being recognized for their work (it's fun to be interviewed!), but the other side of it is an issue for the audience. My point was that Kyle's as interesting as I am, so why not feature him. Fraser's point is that engineers are MORE INTERESTING, in some cases, because the information they can share is more transferable and tangible.

Anyway, Allen Stern followed up with Fraser's post, in reaction to my post, from the perspective of both a tech journalist and a sometimes-programmer, and wrote a great story which got about 450 Diggs at last look.

So, I've gone ahead and written, on the BricaBox Blog, a more extensive look at Kyle and his brilliance from my perspective, as someone who works with him on an everyday basis.

Like Fraser and Allen, I think it would be cool if this spread from beyond our two blogs, and throughout our New York scene and onto the rest of the start-up world. DHH and Mark Zuckerberg are the only interesting developers out there. And a lot of start-ups, including my own, have their CEO in the spot-light a little too much, and not enough of their CTO.

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