Interview about BricaBox with John Havens of Blog Talk Radio

October 24, 2007   

I just posted a ton of cool news over at the BricaBox blog, including the fact that BricaBox won 2nd place at Sun Microsystems' Best Startup Contest this past week at Startup Camp.

One of the things I posted was this interview with John Havens, Dir of Biz Dev at Blog Talk Radio.

Blog Talk Radio is a really cool company and I like their direction in the podcasting space. It's very much what Waxxi's vision is in some ways, and I wonder if there won't be a partnership there sometime. Anyway, enjoy the podcast if you want. Keep in mind that the conference was starting at 8am both mornings and this interview took place around 8am. I'm more of a 10am to 5am worker, so you can tell how tired I was in the interview. Either way, John's a great interviewer and I was pleased to be on his show.

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