Alley Insider is hiring, gearing up for "launch"(?)

October 22, 2007   

I was poking around the Alley Insider's website early this morning (which is why this note is so poorly written -- sorry). It seems that the new voice of NYC web tech recently moved to the Moveable Type platform (off a regular Typepad blog), and so I wanted to see what else had changed in the shuffle. I'm suspecting that they'll be "launching" soon (SAI claims to still be in "beta"), so I'm curious as to what a professional blog coming out of "beta" will look like.

One of the first new things I noticed was a job roll in the left-hand column (this was one of my 3 monetization ideas SAI published a while back), and at the top of that roll was an Analyst position at Alley Insider itself.

While it seems the position itself was posted about a month ago, it still seems to be open. Anyway, I recommend that anyone seriously interested in the web startup industry apply for it. Working with a team like that is a great opportunity for anyone to get off the ground and gain significant notability in the NY tech community and beyond (their traffic pours in from around the world when they post on non-Alley companies and events).

Anyway, I'm glad to see some AdSense taken away to make room for the job roll. Now, I'd really like them to start a specialized ad network for NY tech and tag other popular NY-based tech bloggers. That could be a good business and someone will do it if they don't.

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