SAI gets sponsored

October 10, 2007   

Congrats to the SAI team on landing their first sponsor, Vintage Filings. What struck me was the style of the copy for the ad... It's like Paul Harvey died and came back as Henry Blodget, but instead of selling a Bose Wave Radio he's selling a SEC-filings printing company. Check out the opening and closing paragraphs:

Here's what we hate: Companies that throw shareholders' money away. That's why we're pleased to have Vintage Filings, the nation's fastest growing financial filing and printing firm, as one of our charter sponsors. ... How much money could Vintage save you and your shareholders? A lot. Based on some recent invoice comparisons, we believe Vintage may be able to cut your printing and filing costs in half.

I guess it reminds me of my sponsored Thrillist emails, only Wall Streetier.

Anyway, it's cool to see them moving beyond AdSense

Picture 15 .

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