VentBox Put to Rest: What to do with it?

September 12, 2007   

You heard it here first: As of yesterday, VentBox, our company's first product, has been laid to rest. (But don't put it in the deadpool, TechCrunch! It's just coming back on the new platform!) VentBox was just 7 months out of the gate publicly, but such is the nature of innovation: While VentBox served one purpose, and did so simply and beautifully, we formed our company nearly a year ago to make "many combinations of boxes," and in late May we started to construct the BricaBox Platform, thus neglecting VB.

So, as we gear up to launch BricaBox, the question remains: what should we do with the fine piece of software that is VentBox?

We could certainly try to sell the codebase without the VentBox™ IP, since it's rather useful for more than just venting (clearly why were launching the BricaBox Platform).

We could open source the code, but that could cannibalize the VentBox implenetation on BricaBox (only very marginally though, since deploying a Rails app is a skill only a few have), or worse, open sourcing it would distract us from making the most of BricaBox.

Or we could just print every line of the code out on paper and then burn it in the streets as a representation of just wasting the code and throwing it away.

Any ideas? Great code is looking for a home!

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