CooperBricolage Grand Opening Party: 9/5 - 4pm

August 29, 2007   

Come to the CooperBricolage Grand Opening Party

Wednesday, Septermber 5th, 4pm CooperBricolage – 9 St. Marks Place

Expected and invited guests are:

* Venture Capitalists from NYC * Angel Investors from NYC and the Tri-State Area * Entrepreneurs like you * Designers, developers and interactive people looking to build the community Here’s the full invite from Sanford:

All -

I (and the CooBric team) wanted to invite you to the Grand Opening event for cooperBricolage - the first shared coworking space for entrepreneurial start-ups in the East Village. Building on the model of coworking made fashionable in the West Coast, cooperBricolage is building upon Peter Cooper’s vision of education for all New Yorkers and the energy of collaboration and innovation that makes New York City one of the most vibrant communities in the world.

cooperBricolage is a community effort by like-minded entrepreneurs who sought an alternative to their home offices and rent-a-spaces within this bustling metropolis. Working with other local businesses to create the start of an entrepreneurial ecosystem, cooperBricolage is a model of a community members club giving New York the step forward in supporting technology and creative businesses.

What is at CooBric? CooBric, as others have come to call it, is a combination of a café, private members club and a workspace for designers, developers and entrepreneurs. Instead of being slotted into a small, busy Starbucks™, CooBric offers a different third-space but without the noise, expense and constraints found within these standard “third-spaces” Additionally, the ability to find like-minded people trying to build companies, code software or design graphics is sorely lacking in New York City - which CooBric presents itself as a space to be “found in”.

Spurred on by various concepts like coworking (coined by Citizen Agency) and cafeBricolage (coined by Nate Westheimer), cooperBricolage is a fusion of the history of Cooper Union and its history of creating innovation and entrepreneurship with the entrepreneurial energy found within New York City, but had few options to engage. We invite you to come to our event - September 5th, 4pm at Cafe Fuego (9 St Marks Place)

But this effort will only succeed with support from the community - you included. This is why we would ask for you to come and meet some of our entrepreneurs and other supporters of the concept (including some venture capitalists and angel investors) to create something that is uniquely New York.

We look forward to seeing you - and feel free to read more about us in our blog ( or other places on the web.

Thank you for your time.


The CooBric Comm (Tony, Sanford, Jennifer, Alex and Nate)

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