Dion Roy's Blog

August 28, 2007   

It brings me great joy when one of my non-techie friends starts to blog. I have another major friend-blogging announcement to make soon, but now I want to point everyone to my buddy Dion Roy. Dion is one of the co-founders of AMP3PR, which is a very cool boutique lifestyle PR firm in NYC, which you all may remember from the insane Perez Hilton/PMbuzz.com party held a few weeks ago. I've known Dion for over a year and he's been a great sounding board from a different echo chamber (as well as being a dependable call to grab a beer at Iggy's or Hop Devil).

But while there are some posts about the PR work and NYC life on Dion's blog, you'll actually find a lot of clips of songs he writes. Indeed, Dion is a master of the guitar and writes a lot of great stuff. If you like acoustic work, definitely keep your RSS-readers pinned to his blog. Here's a YouTube clip of some of his work. Go visit his blog for more!

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