Story Pirates hit YouTube

August 27, 2007   

Okay, I know it's uber-hip to love Flight of The Conchords, but I'm not ashamed, I do. One of the main reasons I'm a fan is because of Kristen Sachaal, who plays the part of Mel. Over the last few years, I've actually met Kristen a few times through my cousin, who knew her from Northwestern days when they were both involved in a public theater project called the Story Pirates (they take stories written by kids and turn them into short plays with puppets and singing people).

Now in New York, the Story Pirates have reunited (and my cousin helped manage the group for about a year). Not only have they been performing off an on for the past few years in NYC, but I was on YouTube today and was pleased to see that the Story Pirates decided to make a video. The YouTube team recently featured it on the home page and so now I'm passing it on to you. Enjoy.

BTW: As we've seen on HBO, Kristen is a special talent, and one of the best ways to see her is going to her weekly variety show called Hot Tub. Hot Tub is one of the places I've laughed harder than I can remember.

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