Esther Dyson on Charlie Rose

August 15, 2007   

Two great New York minds got together last night on Channel 13, as Charlie Rose interviewed Esther Dyson. The whole 40 minute interview is worth your time, but if you want to skip around, check out the first half for stuff about health care and the super interesting project Esther is involved in which will put her genome and medical history up on the Internet for all to see.

But for all you "I only consume information about web trends" folks, skip to the second half where she talks about Facebook, Google, and how Charlie can raise more money on the web using (her portfolio company) Eventful.

Highlights include Esther explaining why she's less optimistic about real innovation on the Internet these days than she is about possibilities to push the envelope on the health care frontier and the space frontier (sorry kids, put away those social networking business plans!).

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