Call for an unConference, October 17 - 19

August 3, 2007   

Well that's too bad. Just got the story in my RSS reader this morning:

Social Platform Summit Postponed Until Spring 2008

I was really looking forward to this event and even filled out a form on the group's website to hear more information on how BricaBox could sponsor an event there.

One of the main reasons I was disappointed is because I was looking for an excuse to go to SF in October. The date they had chosen was for right before the Web 2.0 Summit, which I received my invitation for this past week (but am still deciding whether or not I want to drop the $3,600 to attend). The fact that they were planning a lower cost conference at the same time as a super expensive conference made me harken back to my amazing Web2Open experience.

So, I hope someone reading this post takes this as a call to arm to plan an unconference of some sort during the Web 2 Summit. I would love to make the trek out to San Francisco -- this will be right around the time BricaBox really starts opening up -- and I'd even help gather some NYC people to come out for the event.

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