BricaBox Alpha Philosophy

August 1, 2007   

I’ve just posted on the BricaBox Blog about our alpha and our philosophy behind it. As before, you can head over to and get on the alpha/beta email list.

From the post:

Lost of people choose to do the fast alpha because the see the alpha as step in line with the direction they are heading. The alpha is a milestone before private beta, which is a milestone before launch. With the fast alpha, no major plans will change and early user influence over the ultimate product is negligible. The fast alpha is an act.

But we want this to be a slow alpha.

As you can imagine, we’re burning up to get the platform done and out into the hands of the masses. Fame, fortune, and everything that comes with it awaits us, right? Perhaps — but that’s not what we’re trying to do here, yet. First thing we need is a killer product, and the best way to get a killer product is to test your assumptions before investing too heavily in a ill-conceived design.

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