cooperBricolage opens next week -- come support NYC tech culture

July 19, 2007   

Are you a solo entreprenuer, freelancer, or member of a small team? If so, what are you doing next week?

... heading to cooperBricolage, I hope.

Sanford is throwing open the doors to cooperBricolage early next week, and it would be great to see you there.

What's cooperBricolage? Well, you've heard me talk about cafeBricolage a whole lot, but Sanford has actually gone and done.

According to its site,

cooperBricolage is a private cafe space for entrepreneurs, interactive designers, programmers and technologists leveraging the concept of the "Inventors Institute" originated in the late 1870s by inventor Peter Cooper.

cooperBircolage is where you can use "free" wifi and get a coffee and/or sandwich for your entry fee. Only people allowed in the cafe workspace are people working to build businesses or doing software or artisic design - no off-the-street coffee drinkers or students are allowed in the workspace.

The goal is to create a community of entrepreneurs to work together instead of at our homes and alone - sharing (when others are receptive) and respecting (when others ask for their space). While sounding utopian, the goal is to spaun new ideas and create a fertile environment for startups to migrate to more professional spaces for their corporate growth.

Pricing will end up somewhere between $10 - $20 per day with discounts to folks who buy multi-day passes. While that may seem like a lot at first glance, you get so much out of it: a great work environment around fellow netrepreneurs, wifi and cafe amenities, a hip and easy to get to location, and access to the growing phenomenon of coworking.

See you there!

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