Countdown to BricaBox Alpha & (official) Welcome to Kyle Bragger

July 12, 2007   

This has been a hot month for BricaBox, and so I’m pleased to make two announcements over on the BricaBox Blog. Please head there to check out all the details (and add our RSS feed to your reader).

To sum it up, the announcements are:

1. Kyle Bragger has now been made an official partner in BricaBox and will serve as its CTO (see blog). 2. Also, as already announced, we’re going to be inviting a small group of people to start using BricaBox soon, aiming for an August 1 “alpha” release. Head to or use this form below to sign up for the invite mailing list.


BTW: We’re going to be blogging more and more over at the BricaBox Blog, so if you’re interested in following the start-up process of a specific company, head over there.

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