Who Reads "innonate"? -- I'm blushing

June 12, 2007   

Honestly, I look around at my NYC start-up compatriots, and I get a little bit of blogosenvy. Charlie has nearly 2,000 subscribers, Andrew 400-some, Darren has 300-some, and many others folks have many other readers. Me, I've been on the scene only since last Fall, and launched my own blog in October, but if you check out my G-Analytics or Feedburner stats, I've been sitting pretty still for the past few months: about 50 uniques a day and 70ish additional RSS subscribers. Now I am certainly not blogging to be famous -- I'd like my actions to speak louder than my words anyway -- but I feel like I'm not reaching as many people as I could, and I think reaching many people is a fair objective for anyone in the innovation industry. The walls to bounce your idea off of, the sounder it can be.

However, despite my readership envy, a recent look at my MyBlogLog community made me feel a lot better and reminded me: It's not "how many" readers you have, it's "who's reading" your stuff.

So, in special recognition of the great folks who put up with the garbage I put on my blog, here is a snap-shot and names/links to folks who are showing up to read "innonate" and any given moment:

Thanks y'all! You're making this fun for me!

Picture 11

Greg Verdino, VP Emerging Channels, Digitas Ed Costello, tech oldtimer Leisa Reichelt, UI guru Kristian Hansen, Cresa Partners and NYC proxy for celeb VC Andrew Parker, Analyst at USV Tom Mandel, consultant Eric Skiff, of Clipmarks and PodCamp fame Michael Galpert, Worth1000 Ken Berger, web guru, Magnify advisor, and more! Lee Semel, Innofinity, 10ton, early nextNYer and more Dave Evans, CEO of Civilnetizen Charlie O'Donnell, nextNY founder, former USV analyst, product manager for Voki Darren Herman, founder IGA Worldwide Sanford Dickert, "web guru and social engineer" ... and more!

UPDATE: some of those more are: Pierre-Yves Platini, FaberNovel and the Silicon Sentier in Paris (an awesome cafeBricolage-like place!) Jay Sears, SVP, Strategic Products and Business Development of ContextWeb Thomas Collardeau, Founder & CEO of Ontheinside.info Will Meyer, Cruxy.com co-founder Benjamin Bloom, Strategist at AvenueA-Razorfish

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